Professor Vlček Scholarship

  • Master
  • EUR 1200 per year

The Professor Miroslav Vlček scholarship is awarded to a foreign student who, in addition to fulfilling his/her study duties, has contributed to the dissemination of the reputation of the Czech Technical University in the Czech Republic and abroad, and who has supported greater internationalization of the university environment of the public universities in Prague.


• The main criterion for assessing a foreign student’s application for a scholarship is his/ her proven active involvement in research, educational or other activities for the benefit of foreign students of CTU, contributing to the motivation of foreign candidates to apply to study in Prague. • The scholarship will not be awarded to a student who is subject to disciplinary proceedings or whose studies are interrupted.


• The scholarship is awarded as a lump sum of CZK 30,000. A student may receive the award only once within a study programme.

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