University of Birmingham USA Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

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The University of Birmingham is pleased to announce one award for America domiciled students applying for entry to an undergraduate programme at the University starting September 2022.


• Please note that students already registered and studying on a programme at the University of Birmingham in the UK, and students applying for MBChB Medicine and Surgery or BDS Dental Surgery are not eligible for this scholarship. • In order to be eligible, candidates must: • Have received an offer from the University of Birmingham and accepted it. The University of Birmingham (UK Campus) must be chosen as their firm choice on UCAS for a full time undergraduate programme starting September 2022 (the scholarship award may not be deferred). • Meet the academic conditions of their offer to the programme to retain the scholarship. • Be classed as USA domiciled. • Be classed by the University as an overseas fee payer for tuition fee purposes and be able to pay the outstanding tuition fees not covered by the scholarship. • Have sufficient funds to cover the full cost of living at the University of Birmingham, plus any visa/travel expenses associated with studying in the UK. • Submit their scholarship application through one of our local representatives by the deadline; 17 June 2022. • Upon enrolment in September 2022, pay their net tuition fees for the first year by 1 November, immediately following enrolment.


• To apply for the scholarship students will need to have accepted an offer from the University of Birmingham and have made Birmingham their firm choice by the scholarship deadline. Selection for the award will be based purely on academic merit.

• Only under exceptional circumstances in which the University is unable to choose an awardee based solely on academic merit (for instance, if two candidates have identical grades) will applicants be asked to attend an interview via Skype.

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