Monash Graduate Research Equity Supplement

  • Master, , Phd
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  • 31 March 2023

This top-up scholarship supplement is intended to assist with extra expenses a Graduate Research student with a disability or long-term medical condition incurs during the pursuit of their degree. This is a one-off award intended for use by the recipient to support additional expenses directly related to their research undertaking. Expenses unrelated to the pursuit of research will not be covered (such as vehicle, medical costs etc.). Applicants must clearly state how their research will benefit from the supplement if awarded. Applicants should note that the committee will determine the amount awarded and that their decision is final.


You must meet the following criteria: • be currently enrolled in a research masters or doctoral program as an internal/on-campus student at one of Monash University’s Australian campuses; • be registered with the Disability Liaison Unit or have appropriate medical documentation; • hold a MGS, RTP Stipend, MDS or similar award that supports your living costs, as this is a supplementary top up scholarship only; and • have a disability or long-term medical condition that has resulted in extra expenses during your Graduate Research studies. Selection of the successful applicant will be based on the needs and academic performance of applicants. Selection will be undertaken by the Graduate Research Committee (GRC) Steering Committee.


The award may be paid as a fortnightly stipend (for the academic year only) or in a lump sum if the award is made for the purchase of equipment Extra expenses would include for example: • travel by taxi or modified vehicle • attendant care on campus • purchase of specialised adaptive technology • library assistance (i.e. searching, scanning, photocopying and carrying materials) • research material in a format other than ordinary print (i.e. large print, audio-type) • communication in other than oral mode (i.e. written, interpreter, computer with voice synthesizer)


Many scholarships can have different application processes. Please ensure you read the application details carefully and submit your application by the deadline.

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