ACTION Trust Honours Scholarship

  • Bachelor
  • Up to $5000 per annum

  • 31 March 2023

This scholarship is offered by the Fenner School of Environment and Society and the Research School of Earth Sciences. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable young researchers and practitioners to undertake quality research in areas relating to the interests of the ACTION Trust and/or to environment and sustainability.


The scholarship shall be available for award each year to students who: • have been successful in gaining entry into the Honours year of a program of study through the Fenner School of Environment and Society or the Earth and Marine Science program in the Research School of Earth Sciences: • have a strong academic record; • are intending to undertake research in an area relating to environment and sustainability; • have willing and suitable supervision. The scholarship shall be awarded principally on academic merit. The Selection Committee may also take into consideration the field of study which the candidate is developing for their thesis the availability of suitable supervision, the applicant’s previous academic record, and reports from two academic referees familiar with the applicant’s work (if required).


Applications must include: • a statement of no more than one page in length describing the intended research, its relevance to environment and sustainability and the motivation for undertaking research on this topic; • the applicant’s academic record; • name and contact details of the applicant’s identified supervisor/s; • contact details for two academic referees familiar with the applicant’s work.

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