The Amirana Scholarship

  • Bachelor, , Master, , Phd
  • 1 December 2022

The Amirana Scholarship is a funding program exclusively for international medical and dental students from the low and middle income countries of the Global South. Applications are open to international students who suddenly find themselves in financial difficulties due to circumstances beyond their control or who need special support in the final phase of their studies.


The Amirana Scholarship fund is available to students from low and middle income countries of the Global South who are in temporary financial need or require support in the final phase of their studies. Please refer to the current DAC List for the valid categorisation of countries. The scholarship can be applied for by students who have got into a financial distress through no fault of their own and who would not be able to continue or successfully complete their studies without temporary financial assistance.


The Amirana Scholarship can only cover short periods of financial hardship (usually up to one year) but NOT your whole study programme.


Should you meet the funding requirements please hand in your documents in due course. You can find the application forms. Please send your complete application documents in German via e-mail.

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