Agnes C. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

  • Bachelor
  • $8.000

The Agnes C. Nelson Memorial Scholarship is offered to students majoring in Economics and/or Political Science who demonstrate interest in BOTH fields. One scholarship, for approximately $8000, will be awarded to students who show commitment to these fields and who meet the eligibility criteria.


To be eligible for the scholarship, students must: • maintain a cumulative UW GPA of at least 3.2, • have completed 25 combined credits in Economics and Political Science, to include at least 10 credits in each department, • have completed 75 credits by the end of Spring, • have submitted a completed application form with all necessary attachments to either Ahna Kotila in Economics or Tamara Sollinger in Political Science, • are eligible for financial aid, as determined by the University of Washington Financial Aid Office.


Completed application packets must include: • A completed application form • Unofficial transcripts from all college work • A 500-word essay (approximately 2 pages, double spaced) in which you examine the interrelations between political processes and economic decisions. May: Deadline

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