English Department Creative Writing Awards

  • Bachelor, , Master

During the academic year, the UW English Department awards approximately eleven scholarships to distinguished UW English majors, undergraduate and graduate student writers of poetry and fiction.


Criteria varies with each scholarship. All applicants must be in the English Department at the University of Washington.


Please submit a separate packet for each award. Submissions should include 2 collated and clipped copies (4 copies if applying for the Milliman or the Draham) of the following materials:

  1. Cover Sheet (please email: cwriting@uw.edu for a copy of the cover sheet)
  2. Current unofficial UW transcript
  3. Biographical statement, including a brief description of financial need. Not more than 250 words.
  4. Creative Writing Sample-Note that some awards have specific requirements. If no requirements are listed in the description above, please follow these guidelines: 2-3 short stories or works of creative nonfiction or a novel excerpt (up to 30 pages/9,000 words). If you are excerpting from a longer work, please provide a synopsis of the whole. OR 5-10 poems.

Application deadline for these awards is the last day of Winter Quarter, unless otherwise indicated.

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