God’s the artist, I just hold the saw:’ Woodcarver hones unique craft in the mountains

FOREST CITY, N.C. (WLOS) — Wood carving is an age-old artform practiced around the world, but in the last few decades it’s gotten some new followers – thanks to a modern twist: power tools.

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‘God’s the artist, I just hold the saw:’ Woodcarver hones unique craft in the mountains

Master chainsaw carver, Pherson Weathermon, has been perfecting his craft for the last 26 years. It’s been a long process of trial and error, he said.

“I messed up a lot,” Weathermon said with a smirk. “I made a lot of firewood before I learned how to do it!”

Weathermon only recently turned his hobby into a full-time gig. His front yard in Forest City now serves as a live demonstration stage for curious passersby.

“I have people stop all the time,” Weathermon said. “They’re so amazed by it.”

Chainsaw wood carving takes skill, a steady-hand and an artist’s eye
I don’t see anything going on around me, I just kind of zone into what I’m doing and I just kind of see this little perimeter around,” Weathermon said. “Really, you’re taking away, instead of adding so you have to look at the shapes and take away space instead of like with drawing, where you’re adding, so it can be complicated.”

Complications are normal when working with nature; not every project goes according to plan.

“Sometimes you run into grub worms in the wood, or ants or something like that and you have to deal with that as you go,” he said. “Sometimes you run into rotten places, and you might have to add wood. You might get to a point to where it gets so bad that you have to scrap it and get a whole another piece of wood.”

Weathermon said he can carve pretty much anything – but bears are his biggest request, his specialty.

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