Mastercard Internship Program 2022 – Check Eligibility

The Mastercard Foundation is seeking the newest group of recent graduates for its 6–12 month Graduate Internship Program from Africa and Canada. Apply now!

About Mastercard Internship

The Mastercard Foundation Graduate Internship Program aims to offer substantive and logistical support for the creation of tools and resources.

Also, for the dissemination of training on partner safeguarding minimum standards, the development of core safeguarding investigation skills for staff, and the creation of investigation protocols for implementing partners.

The Mastercard Foundation strives for a society in which everyone is given the chance to grow and develop.

The Foundation collaborates with partners through its Young Africa Works strategy and Canadian EleV initiative to make sure that millions of young people, particularly young women, have access to high-quality education, financial services, and respectable employment.

When Mastercard became a publicly traded corporation in 2006, it donated generously to create the Mastercard Foundation. The Foundation is autonomous and has a separate CEO and board of directors.

Available Mastercard Internship Programs

  • Technology Facilities Intern Rwanda
  • Technology Facilities Intern Kenya
  • Agribusiness Intern Kenya
  • Safeguarding Intern Senegal
  • Digital Economy Intern Uganda
  • Safeguarding Intern Uganda
  • Finance Intern Senegal
  • People & Culture intern Rwanda
  • People & Culture Intern Kenya
  • Technology Facilities Intern Canada
  • Safeguarding Intern Nigeria
  • Gender Intern Rwanda
  • Assurance & Enterprise Risk Intern Ghana
  • Technology Facilities Intern Ghana


  1. Applicants must be citizens of the nation in which the position is posted and must reside there.
  2. 0 to 2 years of minimum job experience
  3. Have outstanding communication abilities, including the capacity to convey knowledge to a range of audiences across cultures.
  4. Exhibit the principles of the Foundation with professional maturity, sensitivity to many cultures, and unwavering honesty.
  5. Show your dedication to the mission and values of the Mastercard Foundation.
  6. A bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, such as social work, psychology, sociology, or an area relating to gender

How to Apply

Apply for the Mastercard Foundation Graduate Internship Programs through the recruiting portal links below if you are interested and qualified as a graduate from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, or Canada.

Project Management Intern Nigeria

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