How to Get a Vogue Internship in 2022

Vogue Magazine is one of the leading fashion publications in the world. We’ve got you covered if you’ve been desperate to land this pivotal internship but haven’t had any luck.

About Vogue Internship

They encourage applications from people involved in the media, fashion, or marketing industries, and also accept those from people of all backgrounds. Any applicant who is a hard worker with a desire to learn is welcome, regardless of background.

Along with a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for the field, there are a few abilities that will set you apart from the competition, such as proficiency with Photoshop or previous experience writing quick copy.

You will have all the insider knowledge required to stand out in this venerable magazine with a little assistance from this reliable guide. So let’s get started!

Modify your Résumé/CV

When deciding whether to advance you through the application process or not, decision-makers will look at your CV/résumé first, therefore it must be outstanding.

Your resume and cover letter should demonstrate personality, in addition, to accurately representing your education and experience letting them know why they desire you and a little about who you are.

Correctly Format your Resume

If you’re looking for internships, chances are good that your career is just getting started. A chronological structure might not be the ideal choice for you as a result.

Given how competitive and well-known Vogue is, it’s critical that your qualifications and pertinent experience stand out the most. For this application, take into consideration a skills-based or combined CV/résumé.

Add Relevant Keywords

When a company receives hundreds of applications for internships at once, like Vogue, it will frequently utilize an applicant tracking system to sift resumes before they are even seen by a human.

It’s crucial to incorporate keywords that the computer will understand in order to advance in the process and trick these systems.

Relevant Vogue keyword examples include:

  • Copywriting
  • Online journalism
  • Social media marketing
  • Editing
  • Trend analysis
  • Adobe Photoshop

Build a Portfolio

The next step in obtaining a Vogue internship is to put together a compelling portfolio. Even though Vogue has said that your writing samples don’t have to be previously published news articles, it’s still crucial that you submit your best-looking work.

Connect with Others

a crucial aspect that most people overlook? Connections! It’s challenging to break into any organization, much less one with the stature of Vogue.

Given how competitive the journalism and fashion industries are, having a friend in the fray can significantly improve your prospects.

Make sure your application for an internship with Vogue Magazine emphasizes not only your technical expertise but also your commitment and enthusiasm for the position.

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