How to Write an Internship Offer Letter – A Guide

Searching for the greatest advice on internship offer letters? You’re at the right place. In this guide, we will teach you how to write an internship offer letter. 

What is an Internship Offer Letter?

A company that is employing qualified interns for their business will give an applicant an internship offer letter.

This letter serves as a formal notification to applicants that they have been chosen for an internship with your business. It includes details on the internship and the work description.

Elements of an Internship Offer Letter

The internship offers should be explained to the interns in this letter in a number of key ways. The main elements of this internship letter are listed below.



Company Information

Mention the company’s information and the address of the office in this portion of the letter. Preferably use the business’ letterhead when composing this letter.

If you could include a brief summary of what your business does, it would be beneficial to the intern.

 Internship Period

Indicate the duration of the internship, including its beginning and ending dates. Include the number of hours worked each week as well.

Job Title and Description

Describe fully the work that will be done by the intern throughout the internship. Include the intern’s required qualifications, responsibilities, and obligations in your clear expectations for them.

Terms and Conditions

One of the most crucial parts of an internship offer letter is the portion where the legal terms and conditions are mentioned. Therefore, include key provisions like compensation, termination, etc. in accordance with your company’s needs.


This last component demonstrates that the internship offer was accepted. This section of the letter serves as a formal agreement between the intern and the firm because it is signed by both parties.

Make sure to specify whether an internship is paid or unpaid when offering one to a candidate. Define the objectives of the internship as well as choose a supervisor to serve as the intern’s mentor.

Internship offer letters should make genuine and fair offers to the interns, much like a job offer letter presents a job offer to an employee.

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