Medical Assistant Internship Program – All you Should Know

Attendees of medical assistant internships gain practical experience while being supervised by healthcare professionals. Apply now!

About Medical Assistant Internship

Typical duties listed on a sample resume for a medical assistant internship include handling insurance and billing issues, ordering supplies, updating patient records, getting patients ready for exams, explaining procedures, and offering emotional support.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate in his or her resume a working understanding of computer terminology, a commitment to providing excellent customer service, empathy, emotional stability, and teamwork.

The majority of candidates complete medical management training and have a high school certificate.


  • Depending on the program, your duties may change, but for the most part, interns help staff members provide patients with medical treatment.
  • As a medical assistant intern, you take vital signs from patients, gather samples, enter data into a database, and support the doctor or nurse as they examine or treat patients.
  • Some assistants maintain supply inventories in the clinic and exam rooms as well as clean and disinfect spaces and equipment after usage.
  • Medical assistants, doctors, and licensed nurses oversee interns directly at all times.


  • Knowledge of medicine
  • Current enrollment in a post-secondary medical assisting certificate program or associate degree program.
  • Most internship programs require that a student has completed basic courses so that they have the skills and knowledge to work with patients, take vitals, abide by healthcare privacy regulations (HIPAA), and use basic medical terminology to communicate with full-time staff.

A medical assistant internship is frequently regarded as the key job entry point for recent graduates in the labor market of today. Kindly share this article and leave a comment below.


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